U3A August Newsletter


Dear Members,


Another busy U3A year comes to an end! We hope you enjoyed the activities, trips and events you took part in, perhaps acquiring new skills and making new friends as an additional bonus! We have become victims of our own success and we really need more group leaders. To quote one of our members; 'ask not what your U3A can do for you—ask what you can do for your U3A.” Nicki Baker has more to say on this in Group News.

The Newsletter is out a little earlier than usual as it has important information about the membership form - as with all organisations, our U3A paperwork has to comply with GDPR requirements. Margaret Green, Membership Secretary, explains as follows;

Membership Forms and Cards.


Please ensure that when you bring or post your Membership Form, you use the 2019-20 one from the website or from the 2019-20 brochure, not the form from a previous year. We are required to ask you to tick all the GDPR boxes with the current wording, thank you. 

Cards will be available to collect after you have handed in your form and cheque on Enrolment Morning, or by post afterwards.


Enrolment Morning; Wednesday August 21st at Robert May’s School, 10am until noon.

This is an opportunity for you to hand in your membership form, collect your membership card (if you have already sent in your form by that time) and see what is on offer with groups and activities. It is also always a lovely and lively social event, providing time to meet fellow members. You can renew your membership at the Enrolment Morning itself by bringing a completed form and payment. Don't worry if you are unable to attend as any uncollected cards will be available at the September Monthly Meeting with Margaret Green, Membership Secretary, who will also take late subscription payments and sort out any other queries. Any remaining membership cards for paid-up members will then be posted out.

Groups News

All groups will be represented at the Enrolment Morning so you will be able to see what they do and ask to join groups you are interested in, subject to spaces being available, or be placed on a waiting list.

With more than 600 members now, most of our groups are either full or close to capacity. It’s becoming more important than ever to offer new groups but this isn’t possible without people to lead them. You don’t have to be an “expert”, but just have an interest in or enthusiasm for a subject that you are willing to share with other members. Many groups have now successfully adopted a team or rota approach for group leadership so the responsibility does not fall to one person. 

Any ideas?...please contact Philip or Nicki on groups@odihamu3a.org.uk or talk to us at the Enrolment Morning where we will be pleased to help in any way we can.


Cross Barn Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 4th September:  Colin Hobbs: It's Impossible! The Competition to be the first to fly the Atlantic


Colin Hobbs has spent almost all his career (over 35 years) in the civil aviation industry, managing Airports and Airlines and has a deep knowledge of the business. He is a retired Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He will tell us the story of the battle to be the first to conquer flights across the Atlantic Ocean including the competition between Britain and the USA and the incredible courage of those who tried. We will find out who won in the end.




Thursday 26th September - A day trip to Brighton with optional visit to the Royal Pavilion

The day will consist of an optional 1 ½ hour 'A Closer Look' guided tour of the Royal Pavilion with an experienced guide who will bring to life the royal regency and unique history of the Pavilion. If you prefer, you can visit the Pavilion without a guide in your own time.  Alternatively you may wish to have the whole day to yourself exploring Brighton.

For those who choose to visit the Pavilion there will be free time to either explore other nearby museums, the famous Lanes for shopping/eateries or for the brave hearted a possible trip up the ‘Doughnut!’

Transport: Departing Odiham High Street 8.30am (Bus Stop outside Fountains Mall); Depart Brighton 5 pm.

Cost: Please choose which option you prefer & make cheques payable to ‘Odiham District U3A’ for the correct amount.

-         Coach, entry to Pavilion and Guided Tour ( 1 ½ hr ): £44

-         Coach and entry to Pavilion only (no guide): £36.25

-         Coach only: £23.50

Friday November 1st 12pm - Sir Ian McKellen On Stage with Tolkien, Shakespeare, Others and You, Harold Pinter Theatre, London

Members are in for a treat seeing Sir Ian McKellen performing his solo, autobiographical show celebrating his 80th birthday.  Come and share some of his favourite roles from Shakespeare, Tolkien to panto dame.

TRANSPORT: Travelling by train in a group or independently if you prefer.

COST: £65 (theatre ticket only)

Waiting List

Kathy and Sally can be contacted at trips@odihamu3a.org.uk as well as in the foyer at the monthly meetings.




We, Liz and Pauline, hope you will visit our Events table at enrolment morning in August and we look forward to hearing your suggestions for future events. We can also be found in the foyer of the Cross Barn at the monthly meeting or email events@odihamu3a.org.uk